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Surgery Centre

Fields of Work
Endocrine Surgery

Thyroidectomy and hemithyroidectomy with continuous and pinpoint neuromonitoring using microsurgical equipment

Pelvic Surgery

Transrectal Operations:

  • Procto-Rectoscopy
  • Hemorrhoidectomy
  • Fissurectomy
  • Fistula Closure
  • Correction of prolapse of rectum and anus (Rehn-Delorme, Altemeier)
  • Transrectal tumor resection, resection of rectum
  • Implantation of a rectal pacemaker

Transabdominal Operations:

(Laparoscopy or Robotic surgery):

  • Transabdominal minimally invasive plastic repair of groin hernia (TAPP)
  • Perineal hernia (alloplasty)
  • Ventral rectopexy (in consort with gynecologists, urologists)
  • Resection rectopexy
  • Laparoscopic descendo/sigmostomy

Abdominal Wall Surgery

Open operations:

  • Sublay – alloplasty
  • Compoment alloplasty (Ramirez)
  • Abdominal wall reconstruction with alloplastic or biological meshes
  • Corrective plastics with collost

Laparoscopy-Robotic surgery:

  • Laparoscopic IPOM, Sublay
  • Combined operations: open hernia defect closure, scar revision
Reflux surgery
  • Laparoscopic fundoplication and hiatoplasty
  • Laparoscopic magnetic implantation on cardia
  • Laparoscopic transhiatal myotomy
  • Laparoscopic atypical gastrectomy
Bariatric and Metabolic surgery

Laparoscopy (as well as Robotic surgery)

  • Gactric bypass with Roux-Y reconstruction
  • Sleeve gastrectomy
  • SASI metabolic reconstruction
  • Mini-gastric bypass with reconstruction with a tension-free tape

Colon surgery (non-oncological)

  • Laparoscopic (robotic surgery, open operations)
  • Right hemilectomy (ileocecal resections)
  • Strictureplasty
  • Subtotal colectomy (colorectal resections)

Chief surgeon Valery Kravtsunov

Deputy Chief Physician
Clinical Association South-West, Nagold Hospital, Germany, Stuttgart

Main fields of activity:

Lecturer in Surgery at Bonn/Essen/Tuebingen University.

Coverage of the full spectrum of general, visceral, special visceral surgery including:
  • visceral transplants, liver, pancreatic, bile duct surgery including oncology;
  • gastric and oesophageal surgery including oncology;
  • reflux surgery, obesity surgery, upper intestinal surgery, endocrine surgery, all types of minimally invasive surgery.

Specialist in transplantology.

Specialist in treatment of complications, reconstructive surgery including vascular reconstructions in the abdomen.

Specialist in septical surgery and wound treatment.

Specialist in hernia surgery and abdominal wall reconstruction (surgeon at the German Centre for Hernia Surgery).

Specialist in coloproctology (surgeon at the German Centre for Colorectal Surgery) including transrectal surgery (TAMIS).

Certified robotic surgeon (da Vinci).

Surgeon for multi-organ and tissue harvesting for transplants for the German Organization for the Control of Organ Harvesting (DSO-Nord), since 2004.

Partner of the Clinic, Chief Advisor Henning Dralle

  • a distinguished surgeon, professor, Europe's leading expert in thyroid and pancreatic oncological surgery.
  • for his great contributions in the research and treatment of thyroid cancer, received one of the most prestigious awards in the field - the Aldo Pinchera Award 2014 and is the first German surgeon to receive this high honor.
  • is currently the Director of General, Visceral, and Vascular Surgery at the University Hospital Halle.
  • over 36 years of experience.

Specialists of Surgery Centre

    Our Advantages

    Modern high-tech equipment which is not inferior to technical opportunities of leading European and US hospitals
    • Management of patients undergoing surgery in compliance with European protocols
    • Aesculap 3d, Karl Storz, Olympus laparoscopic stack systems
    • Comfortable and well-equipped operating rooms
    • Olympus mini-hysteroscope
    • Laminar flow system
    • GE Voluson 6 Expert Class USG machine
    • Endovideosurgical complex of the latest generation, providing the possibility of 3D visualization
    Comfortable stay in our inpatient unit
    We offer “Standard”, “Comfort” and “Suite” hospital rooms to our patients. Special nutrition and SPA facilities are included in the accommodation price.
    Promptness of patient examinations
    In order to minimise preparation time for surgery, we can provide all necessary instrumental and laboratory examinations in the inpatient unit within one day (on the day of admission if necessary).
    Short-stay hospitalisation

    We are particularly proud of the short-stay treatment option for our patients in their post-operative period.

    ERAS (enhanced recovery after surgery) is a comprehensive solution which allows our patients to stay in the Clinic for 24/48 hours.

    Individualized approach and 24/7 support
    The given list of surgical specialities in the Surgery Centre is for information purposes only. Consultations are available in all fields of surgery, regardless of the problem, stage of disease or age. We will help you to find a personalised solution for each patient. If necessary, the leading specialists from Russian and European institutions will be involved.
    You can make an appointment for an in-person or online consultation 24 hours a day by calling +7 (812) 679-87-47.
    We do what others don’t do!


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